Sunday, December 30, 2012


I have shared the middle image above, in this earlier post.  Ever since Marcus passed I knew I wanted a tattoo in remembrance of him.  

I had a design in mind.  We even had Jenny (she is the Jenny in the note that Alex wrote above) redesign an angel with Marcus' face.  The angel tattoo will will be for the future, but I knew once I was ready for a tattoo, Alex's chalk on paper sketch was it.  

When I posted this same pic on FaceBook - the original picture-taker had this to say. "I took that at my parent's house... Summer of 2005.  We had a spontaneous dance party and I snapped a picture of him.  Really happy memories."  Thank you so much Ms. Chloe!

So from an innocent enough picture.  To an inspired sketch by our youngest.  To my arm.  Forever.