Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mavs Finally Win the Big One!

Hey McCoy,

The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship this past Sunday against the Miami Heat.  They won the series 4 - 2.  It was one of those things I have always thought I would be lucky if I saw an NBA championship in Dallas during my lifetime.  Well I was wrong.  It was during you lifetime.  As soon as the buzzer sounded I had to go in to your lil' bros' room and woke him up.  I had to wake him because he just came back from A-Kon and had very little sleep the past three nights.  To his credit he played it off like it was important to him too.  He high-fived and knucked me.  He knew I was happy they won and he joined me in the moment.  I was glad I did not turn on the lights because he would have seen tears rolling down my face.  I cherished that moment with your bro.  It is those moments of supposed happiness that makes me miss you the most.  I know if you were still here with us, you, me and Alex would be celebrating that win together.  Notice how when you wear home to watch a game, Superbowl or the NCAA Football your brother is suddenly interested?  I do not think it's really the game, but it's the bonding moments we always shared.  We hoot and holler at the great plays.  We hiss and cuss at the dumb ones.  Since you've been gone I haven't shared that moment with Alex.  Your Mom was plenty nice by accompanying me during the Rangers run last October.  I miss you kid.  I miss our times.  One of your Facebook friends posted one of your videos and captioned it by saying "You would have been so proud of the Mavs winning!"  She is right!  You loved your Mavs.  You admired Dirk for his weirdness.  The Championship would have been so much sweeter with you here.  I will never get used to you being gone Bud.  Never.



Friday, June 3, 2011


More facts that drive me absolutely insane daily.

  • Another season of graduations has passed.  Two years ago your lil bro had to walk accross the stage for you.

  • Your first serious girlfriend of any importance to you got married last month.  You will be a FOREVER BACHELOR.

  • One of your closest friends, the one that you were his best man at his wedding, just signed the divorce papers to disolve the marriage that you opposed vehemently.  You are not here to help him through the mess and cockily say, "I told you so!"

  • Your cousin Tristan started playing Little League Baseball this year.  His team has not won yet.  He is crushed everytime they lose.  He lifts his front leg to bat, just like you did.  He played short and now first.  Just like you did.  He wants to pitch.  Just like you did.  Your Uncle Josh works very hard with him.  But he can still use some extra hitting tips.  I guess the extra tips will have to come from me, reluctantly, instead of you.  I love going to his games, but it reminds me of your games so much.  I know that is the main reason why your Mom avoids these games like the plague.

  • Your cousin Audrey started swim class this year.  You being the fish that you were, could really help her out.  She is getting so big and so smart.  I wonder if she still remembers you?

  • Your wali will be a Senior in High School next year.  I cannot believe it either.  He started dating and has officially named somebody his girlfriend.  He is such a young gentleman.  You would be so proud of him.

  • Your Mydia is still as tough as could be.  She misses you dearly.  When I call her I try not to speak of you.  I fail almost all of the time.  So I do better not calling.

  • Your Mother's heart is still broken.  She tries to save every person and every animal she comes in contact with.  She tries to make everyone around her as happy as she can.  I know not one person in this world you left misses you more than she does.  I know no one hurts more than she does.  She loves you and she longs for you each moment of her life.

You should be here kid.  You should be here experiencing the same successes and failures your friends are experiencing.  The heartbreaks, the new loves, the new jobs, even the losing of jobs.  You should be moving from one apartment to another.  Or perhaps even moving back home with us.  You should be here arguing with your Mom until you both are blue in the face.  You should be here giving Alex the "talk" I gave you about sex.  You should be here making me in insane with concern for your future.  You should be here for everything! 
But you are not here.  No new experiences, no good, no bad.
As everyone that knew you matures (hopefully) and ages, you will be FOREVER 23.

I miss you son and I love you.