Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two Years

It has been two years since you passed.  I cannot believe it.  Nor can your friends. 

Here's a sampling of the messages left on your Facebook page:

"♥ you always Marcus!" - Kelsey B.

"Your my boy blue I miss you man" - Chris B.

" doubt u r kicking field goals" - Dustin F.

"Miss You man" - CK

"You were a great person, not too many of you still here on earth but I'm glad to know there is one amazing person I'll know in Heaven to quote movie lines with :)" - Allison C.

"I miss you Marcus!! i love you big bro!" - Elizabeth M.

"I dont know why someone so good was taken so soon. I miss and love you Brother" - Dustin D.

"Still missing you Marcus Manny after 2 years.We all love and miss you more than words can say."- Kelly H.

"...miss you bro, hope your waiting at them gates when Im called home..." - Quentin B.

"Smile every time I think of you!" - Beth H.

"I still remember the first time I met you while I was working in the caf and I thought you were really weird for stopping and asking me how my day was even though we didnt know eachother. But I thank you for caring, even about the people whom you didnt know. We will always miss you here." - Mary C.

"We miss u Marcus everyday... wish u were here. Tell the big Guy hi for me! ♥" - Brynne M.

"Thinking of you and all your friends that will be visiting your page have touched so many lives. Your truly amazing Marcus Manny!" - Sheryl C-G. --- my sister-in-law

"♥" - Amanda H.

"Missing you always!" - Marjorie L. - my sister 

"You'll always be missed man.  One Heart Beat" - Monty M.

"i can't believe it has already been two years since you have been gone. I miss you much. I see your picture everyday on my fridge and I always think of happy funny memories of you. Like the popcicle sticks in art haha. I love and miss you sooooo much RIP boo. I hope you are having a blast up there and keep watching over all of your loved ones and friends. Watch over your mom especially today. Keep her in a cool calm stress free place today." - Libbi A.

"Marcus Manny, two years ago life changed for so many people. It was hard to accept you were gone. But on this day, I hope all of us remember your life and we unite in that love you showed us and laugh that laugh that was so contagious to all around. We love you and miss you Marcus, but may you Jesus, show us how to love like you loved Marcus and flowed through Him." - Joanna C.

"Love u." - Sarah E.

"marcus! its crazy to think that its almost been two years,.. :'( we all miss you like crazy. I have your frame on my desk, it just makes me smile looking at it remebering how amazing you were. I love you and wish you were here! ♥ I hope things are great up there. MUAH!!!" - Amanda H.

"hey boo. i cant believe I havent seen you in almost two years. i just hope you know that we all miss and love you, and no one has forgotten about you. i wish you could be here, but i know wherever you are, you're happy :) i love you!" - Erin M.

"MARCUS! Just wanted to let you know that I love you so much. I miss you terribly." - Chloe K.

So many outward gestures of missing - no doubt countless more were made silently and more anonymous.

We love you and we miss you kid...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Twenty-ones years ago this month, your Mom and I went out on our first date...

Twenty years ago you met Beeper...

Nineteen years and seven months ago I became your Dad...

Seventeen years and five months ago you became a big brother...

Ten years ago we moved to our home...

Seven years ago you graduated from Dallas Academy...

Three months later you were a Freshman at Tabor...

next thing you know it was five years later at Senior Day

A month later you were in Europe!

a month or so later, exactly one day more than two years ago, you were home in Plano celebrating your Mom's birthday with us...

Two years ago today you washed your car...

You took pictures of the sun setting in Oklahoma...

and moments after that your car was flipped on its top in this ditch...

and six days later, we laid you in your final resting place.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How long has it been?

How long has it been since we spoke last?

There has been two Tabor College Football Seasons since we spoke last.

How long has it been since we shared a laugh?

There has been two Super Bowls since we shared a laugh together.

How long has it been since your Mom gave you a hug?

There has been two Christmases since you hugged your mom.

How long has it been since you gave your Lil' Bro a hard time?

There has been two summer breaks since you gave your Bro a hard time.

It has been One year, 11 months and 18 days since you passed.

It has been 717 days since your accident took you from our world.

It has been 17,208 hours since our world was turned upside down.

It has been 1,032,480 minutes since that tragic day created a permanent void in our hearts.

But there has never been a day, an hour, a second or a moment when we do not long for you, Marcus.

We miss you son.