Saturday, December 4, 2010


Days and months after Marcus' accident a few of his friends had tattoos done in his memory.  A huge back piece of a dragon, was just among the few.  Brandon was only 16 when he had his tattoo done, with his mother's consent of course.  It was done by his cousin, who happens to be a tattoo artist.  Three of his closest buds from Dallas Academy, Josh H., Bobby C. and Josh T. and a childhood friend Tony K., all got the same exact design.  It is of a dragon with the inscription R.I.P. MPAM 2-22-09.  Josh T. had his done on his right forearm.  Tony K. had his done on his right lower leg.  Josh H. had his done on his left pectoral muscle.  Bobby C. had his done on his right bicep.  Yet another friend from DA, Libby A. had her tattoo done of a piece of clothing Marcus was rarely seen without it on.  His almost signature white Hurley baseball cap.

Brandon's back tattoo.  The dedication says "Those who I've lost are never forgotten."  He got this months after Marcus' accident.  It is dedicated to Brandon's Grandmother and Marcus.  The dragon was inspired by Marcus' fascination with dragons.

Two of Marcus' closest friends from Dallas Academy.  On the left is Josh H.  He had his done the week of Marcus' accident.  On the right is Bobby C.  He had his done months after the accident.

Libby A.'s tattoo is of Marcus' trademark hat.  A white Hurley hat.

Rest in Peace, Marcus Patrick Allan Manny.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Thanks Giving

This past Thanks Giving was the second Thanks Giving since our son Marcus passed.  Last year we had to leave.  We ended up in Lake Tahoe, California.

Brandon, Trish and Alex with Heavenly Resort behind them.

This year we wanted to do the same.  We just wanted to leave and not be a burden on our families.  We love seeing them, but it is hard to be cheery when all you can think of is you are missing a son.  We intended to be out of town, but just ended up staying at home.  No energy left in the tank.  We miss Marcus around this time of the year, because it is usually the time he is home.  Below are just a few pictures from these breaks from the past.

Marcus and Alex during Thanks Giving Break 2007.

Marcus, Audrey and Alex Thanks Giving 2005

The ever powerful, paralyzing and unpredictable powers of grief can stop you in your tracks!  One day you think all is fine and the next you're just a bowl of goo.  One day you are looking forward to a much needed break and the next day, you are waking up getting ready for work and trying to make sense of it all.

I still do not get it when people tell me on an almost daily basis that, "Everything will soon 'normalize', the hurt will still be there, but it will be somewaht manageable." 
How?  When?
I will never forget my son.  Patricia will never accept the loss of her first born.  Alex will never adjust to not having his confidante and protector.
I know people mean well.  They are trying to help us all.  Trying to ease our pain.
I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
I just miss my son... ALL THE TIME!

Alex on rocks atop the hill behind our condo.