Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Texas Rangers are going to the World Series!!!

Marcus' best sport was baseball.  He loved playing the sport and he loved going to Arlington to watch the Rangers play.  The picture to the left was at the Old Arlington Stadium, before the Ball Park in Arlington was built.  When we went to the games he always wanted us to buy him the pennant of the visiting team. He wanted to see every single American League team play.  By the time he was a teen, we have collected all of the American League teams.  Then Major League Baseball started, inter-league play and we did not go enough to collect all of the National League team's pennants.

Last night the Rangers clinched the American League championship by beating the New York Yankees in Arlington.  My wife and I enjoyed the victory but there definitely was something missing.  Marcus did not like watching sports on t.v. during the regular seasons but he loved watching the playoffs.  I cannot help but long for him while the celebration was going on.  After texting our son Alex of the game's results, I almost wishful thinikingly texted Marcus' old cell number.  I thought better of it.  I am sure the number is now assigned to someone else.  You will have to shoot me to get me to erase it from my cell phone.

I am theological idiot, but I have a feeling baseball is not a big thing in heaven.  I doubt they even pay attention to it up there.  I do know that I miss my son and I wish i can share this moment with him.
So many games we watched in person and on TV.  Sure we have seen more wins than losses, but this win, was the biggest one for the franchise.  Somehow it is not as sweet as it should be.

The five pictures above are from 1999, my employer then had the Brooks Robinson luxury box at the Ballpark.  If you notice Alex's left foot it is bandaged, because the day before he accidentally stepped on a piece of broken glass in fountatin.  He had to get stitches but yet we still went to the game that day.

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